HP Care Pack services

What is Care Pack?

  • HP Care Pack Service provides a complete portfolio of services tailored to your unique business and IT needs-today and in the future. Care Packs is cost effectively upgrades or extend the standard warranty with easy-to-buy, easy to use support packages. They reduce downtime risks with support levels from basic to mission- critical.
  • This cost-effective service helps minimize system downtime due to hardware failure. It features a commitment to resolve hardware problems. They supplement existing technical resources or provides with a virtual IT staff.


  • Having a carepack reduces the day to day IT cost. Reduction of these costs is quite a relief for companies in terms of effort and finance.
  • HP possesses global presence and capabilities. Best Quality of Services given to the customer.

Care Pack Offerings

  • We can offer to come up with the response time of same business day once you log a call. The call will be attended before the end of same business day.
  • Once the call is logged with us we ensure that the call is attended before the next business day ends.
  • Anytime at and any day, the call would be registered. Increased equipment availability and productivity with round-the-clock on site and remote support.

HP Care Pack Services - By Products


  • Improve system performance and personal productivity for your increasingly mobile workforce, while you reduce TCO, simplify administration, and lighten the load on your technical staff.

PCs & Workstations

  • Simplify desktop service selection and heighten user satisfaction through affordable, rapid-response support with a choice of coverage levels.


  • Enhance performance and productivity with timely problem resolution and one point of contact for your hardware and software support needs